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When is the Shelter Open?
We are open for the homeless from 6pm until 8am 365 days a year. Our Winter Hours may be different, with us opening earlier and closing later. Please check our homepage for current Winter Hours.

How many men can the shelter house per night?
Our Occupancy Permit allows for 18 men and shelter staff. If we are at full occupancy, we can provide additional assistance to those we cannot shelter for the night.

Are the men fed meals?
Every evening a rotating group of community volunteers, churches, clubs, and restaurants bring meals to the shelter. Our dinners are from 6:00pm until 8:00pm and are open to the public, In the morning, we have simple breakfast food and beverages on hand thanks to the wealth of donations from our community.  

How many staff do we employ at the shelter?
The Shelter employs an Executive Director, a Case Manager, three Night Monitors / Peer Supports (one of whom is our Shelter Manager) and an Americorps VISTA Service Member who works full-time to built organizational capacity.

Is there a limit on how long someone can stay at the shelter?
Yes. Our "Length of Stay Policy" is five Emergency Stays per month. If we have space in our Case Management program, your stay can be extended as long as 120 days so long as you follow the requirements of the program

Does the shelter staff help the men look for jobs?
Yes. Firstly, allowing our men to use the shelter address is one of the most important things we offer our guests. Imagine applying for a job, trying to get an ID, obtaining health insurance, or any number of things that become incredibly difficult with no fixed address. We also assist with accessing job listings, creating resumes, job interviewing and search skills, as well as providing the consistent encouragement that anyone job searching greatly benefits from.

Is there a fee or other cost to stay at the shelter?
No. All of our services are free and thanks to generous gifts from the community, we can even offer some free household essentials such as furniture for moving into new housing. 


How is the shelter funded?

Although we receive funding from both the Town of Taos & Taos County, as well as grants from several foundations and trusts, we currently receive no state or federal funding. This means that we rely on more than half of our funding via the generous support of the people of Taos County.



Case Management
Homelessness can stem from a wide variety of circumstances and issues. Many men who come to The Taos Men’s Shelter have mental health, physical health, or substance abuse issues. Others are recovering from a serious economic circumstance or a tragic family event. Often enough, it is a combination of these issues that brings someone to our door. In 2016, thanks to the acquisition of funding from Taos County, we have been providing individualized, on-site case management support services for our clients. In 2017, roughly 40% of our clients in case management were able to restabilize and rehouse. We also work collaboratively with TriCounty Community Services, El Centro Clinic, Inside Out, Holy Cross Hospital, and other service providers to ensure that our clients are getting the help that they need during the difficult and complex experience of homelessness.


How can I donate money to the shelter?
We offer three different ways to make a tax deductible donation

Make your check or money order payable to Taos Coalition to End Homelessness and send it to:

TCEH P.O. Box 1516

Taos, NM 87571

Go to

Go to the DONATE page of our website to donate via Paypal
Does the shelter take donations of clothing & other goods?
Yes. Please contact our Shelter Manager, Rick, at 575-779-9198 or our Americorps VISTA, Ethan, at 530-575-5677 to arrange for a donation.

What sorts of donations do you need?
Socks, Toilet Paper, Laundry Pods, Paper Towels, Coffee, Milk, Creamer, Sugar, Bleach, Cleaning Products, Instant Oatmeal, Bread and Frozen Waffles

Used men's clothing, jackets, boots, etc. in good condition

Furniture for clients who are rehousing

Where & when may I drop off my donations?

Please call Shelter Manager Rick Wilkinson at 575-779-9198 or Americorps VISTA Ethan Naszady at 530 575 5677 to arrange to have someone meet you at the Shelter to accept your donation. The Shelter is located at 220 Albright Street in Taos, next to the Taos News.

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